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Walks  Programme



Walk Gradings




S  -  Up to 10 km

1 to 3  - Graded track or open terrain. No scrub

1 to 3  - Easy, suitable for beginners

M  -  Up to 15 km

4 to 7  - Bush. Minor scrub, rainforest,rock,creek,rock-hopping, scrambling.

4 to 7  - Medium, reasonable fitness required.

L  -  Up to 20 km

8 to 9  - Bush.  As above + thick scrub, major rocks, scrambling using hands, technical.

8 to 9  - Hard, strenuous.

Fit walkers only.

X  -  Over 20 km

Activity Type

Daywalk  DW       Basecamp  BC      Throughwalk  TW       Social  SOC      Rogaine  ROG

Safety & Training   S&T       Federation   FED       Federation Mountain Rescue   FMR


Walks Program July - August 2018 

With the need to conserve our planet’s resources and diminish our waste footprint, it is proposed that Footnotes be issued electronically in future, with no hardcopy edition printed. 

Also the burden of tracking the printed Footnotes from the printer, getting it to the meeting and then mailing it out to a handful of members adds unnecessary stress to those involved.

Your feedback is welcome.


DW Sat 14 July (note altered date) Bally Mountain

Grade: S 6 5

Leader: Neil Douglas

Petrol: $18

Water: about 1½ litres

Bally Mountain (apparently pronounced “ball-ee”), is only 490m high but is very interesting – there are several good viewpoints offering views of features such as the Cougals, part of Springbrook, Mt Warning and the Gold Coast, a razorback and even a short natural tunnel! 

This walk is being offered again this year because some people who were interested couldn’t go on the first outing in May last year.

There are several approaches to the mountain but we will start and finish at the end of Bonogin Road on the northern side, going first to Little Bally and then across the saddle to Bally Mountain.  The ascent is on a very old farm road and we will pass a ruined farmhouse near the summit. 

The traverse across to the main peak is partly on a fairly wide razorback with some short, mild scrambling and some exposure. 

The descent is on a faint footpad which is steep in places and involves negotiating a cliff break at one point.  Lunch will probably be beside pools at the base of the mountain.

This outing is for experienced walkers only.  If there is any rain around it will be modified or postponed because of potentially slippery conditions.


DW Sat 21 July Paddys Peak Area

Grade: M 4 4

Leader: Lynne Skaines 

Water: 2 litres min

Petrol: $20

This walk starts from Drynan's Hut and initially we follow a very scenic ridge towards Paddys Peak with great views and often sightings of rock wallabies.

About 10 minutes in we cross Barney Creek (about lower calf level deep at time of writing). The option is to wear old shoes/sandals and change into boots after the crossing. Footwear can be left at this point for our return crossing.

We leave the main ridge before reaching Paddys Peak, which is a bit scungy and affords no real views, and head down to the cliff tops to a dry waterfall. From here we contour around the top end of the valley to the next ridge with its interesting rocky outcrops.

Some rock scrambling ensues until we descend to the top of Paddys Waterfall. A rough and, initially, steep footpad then takes us back to Barney Creek. 

An interesting and scenic off-track walk.  

SOC Tue 24 July (note week later than usual) Dinner

Venue: Ambrosia, 180 Oxford St (cnr Pine St), Bulimba

Organiser: Neil Douglas

Nominate by 22 July

Meet: outside 6.45pm

Parking: best in Pine Street or the shopping carparks entered either side of Pine Street

CityCat: a few minutes’ walk from the Bulimba ferry wharf   

This is a new venue for a monthly dinner.  Cuisine is Mediterranean style: mezes (entrees) $7-14.50, souvas (wraps) $14.50, mains $23-28, salads $17-22.  The wraps are economical and tasty medium-sized meals. Dessert and coffee also available. 

DW Sat 28 July Stags Head/Watsons Falls

Grade: M 5 5

Leader: Heather Buchanan

Water: 2 litres min

Map:  Mt Clunie 1:25 000

Petrol:  $20

Stags Head is located in the upper Burnett Creek valley and is so named, as was told to me, because from a distance all the skeletons of the large long-dead eucalypts resemble the antlers of a stag.

The walk starts from the Boonah border gate and follows the fence initially before descending a ridge to Watsons Falls.

From the falls, it's uphill to our main destination, Stags Head. 

Our walk is entirely in eucalypt forest with good views from some spots, and just glimpses through the trees in others.

No pre-outing has been possible as yet, so more info may be available after it's completed in the near future. I would expect to find only vague footpads here and there after we leave the border fence, so be prepared with the usual gear for off-track walking.

Please remember to pack all the daywalk essentials including warm clothes and torch.

Winter is the ideal time for off-track walks as all the usual pesky summer bugs have gone into hibernation. 

Please nominate by Thursday 26 July. 

DW Sat 4 August  Mt Barney

Leader: Euey Mangan

Grade: L 8 8

Distance: Approx 15km

Water: 3 litres

Fuel: $20

Barney is one of the highest peaks in SEQ and probably the hardest day walk the club does.

We'll ascend via South East Ridge, which has scrambling up rock slabs in some sections. Closer to the summit, the climbing is steeper using hand holds and tree roots in places. 

The views from the east peak are amazing on a clear day, but if you have a problem with heights, this walk isn't for you. 

We'll descend via Peasants Ridge, which is longer but not as steep. 

You must be fit to attempt this walk and I suggest drinking water before we leave and having a bottle in the car for your return.

Plenty of food and snacks, warm clothing and a headlamp in case of a late return.

Gaiters or long pants are also recommended for the downhill section from the top.

If you have any questions, feel free to call. 


DW Tue 7 August Brookfield – Mt Coot-tha

Grade: M 4 4

Leader: Neil Douglas

Petrol: bring your GoCard!

Water: 1 litre (water points on way)

When nominating please say where you’ll join the bus

We don’t usually have outings on weekdays that aren’t public holidays, but we’ll use buses for this one and the service is better during the week. 

We’ll catch the 9.28am Brookfield 435 bus to its turnaround at Brookfield Village retirement home.  (Note: If the Cultural Centre bus stop doesn’t suit, you can get on at the Myer Centre at 9.27 or at one of several stops further out – refer to Translink timetable.) 

From there it’s a 1.5km walk along Gold Creek Road to Jones Road, but there’s little traffic at that time of day.  At Jones Road we access the Gold Creek and Mt Coot-tha walking track systems through the bush, following the Goanna Trail over a low range to the Gap Creek Reserve. 

From there there’s a choice – either the Bellbird Trail and Kokoda Track or the less steep Cockatoo Trail and Jacksonia Track. Both climb to the top of Mt Coot-tha near Channel 9. 

From there we’ll use the new walking track (opened last year) to the Summit Lookout, from which we’ll take the 471 bus back to the city. 

There are 3 possible places to have lunch along the way, including a defunct BBQ area just off the new track. We’ll have a coffee stop either at the Summit Café or back in the city depending when we finish the walk in relation to the bus times. 

BC 11-12 August Goomburra

Grade: S 3 3

Leader: Euey Mangan

Meet: tba

Fuel: $30

Goomburra is on the western side of Main Range, about two hours drive from Brisbane. There is some gravel road which can be accessed by two wheel drive except after heavy rain. 

The first walk, the Cascades Circuit Trail, is only 8km and the name is self-explanatory. On Sunday we'll drive to two lookouts, Sylvester and Mount Castle, also a 3km return walk into Araucaria Falls. 

QPWS have campsites for $5.60 pp per night, suitable for tents or camper trailers, toilets, wood BBQs (BYO wood, kindling etc.) and tap water which must be boiled, so it may be easier to BYO. Bookings can be done online or Ph 137 468.

Goomburra Valley Campground has campsites for $17 pp per night with all the above, plus hot showers. Ph 4666 6006.

Gordon Country have all the above, plus glamping, cabins and retreat-style accommodation. Ph 4666 6179.

Anyone can stay Friday night, or even longer if they choose. I'll be travelling up on Saturday morning and staying one night, but haven't decided which option I'll be choosing yet (long story). 


Tuesday 14 August 2018 

Club Monthly Meeting at 7.30pm

Little Kings Hall, cnr O'Keefe & Carl Streets, Buranda


DW Wed 15 August Mt Maroon via Golden Stairs

Grade: M 5 5

Leader: Neil Douglas 

Petrol: $20 ex Sunnybank

Map: Maroon 1:25,000 Sunmap

Water: 2 litres

Instead of going to the Show, why not climb one of the Scenic Rim’s most interesting peaks?  Rather than the most common route up the northern gully, we’ll use the “Golden Stairs” – a slabby creek that runs from Paddys Plain on the western side of the mountain almost to the summit. 

It’s not nearly as steep as the northern gully and there are no real technical difficulties.  We’ll park near Drynans Hut, cross Barney Creek and climb past Paddys Waterfall to Paddys Plain. 

From there we ascend the Golden Stairs and return the same way.  Maroon has excellent views of Barney and many other peaks in the area.

Two things to bear in mind.  If Barney Creek (near Drynans Hut) is up, you may prefer to keep your feet dry for the main part of the walk by wearing thongs or sandals to the crossing and putting boots on afterwards.  Thongs can be left near the creek during the day. 

Secondly, the last km or so of the road to Drynans Hut is currently eroded so I’m hoping there will be some high clearance vehicles available for the last stage of the drive.

If there’s rain around on the day the walk will be postponed as the rocks will be slippery.



Advance notices


EXT 1-8 September  Flinders Ranges (Mt Remarkable NP and Wilpena Pound)

Leader: Neil Douglas

Meet: 1130am 1 September at Adelaide airport (Qantas baggage claim area)

Flights: Please book to arrive by the meeting time on the first day and to depart on or after noon on the last day.

**Nominations close end of July to enable vehicle and accommodation bookings to be made.**

This trip will have the option of doing a daywalk each day, or else one or two optional throughwalks plus daywalks on the other days.

The proposed itinerary (which can be modified according to the wishes of the group) is as follows:

1/9: Meet Adelaide, drive to Port Pirie.

2/9: Daywalk to Hidden Gorge or Mt Cavern, OR start Mambray Creek to Melrose throughwalk.

3/9: Daywalk to Alligator Gorge or Mt Remarkable, OR finish throughwalk.

4/9: Daywalk to (Mt) Dutchmans Stern, drive to Wilpena Pound.

5/9: Daywalk (e.g. Mt Ohlssen Bagge, Bridle Gap, St Mary Peak, Bunyeroo Gorge, Brachina Gorge) OR start Cooinda Camp – St Mary Peak throughwalk.

6/9: Daywalks as above, OR finish throughwalk.

7/9: More walks around Wilpena, OR do Mt Brown walk (Quorn area). Drive to Port Pirie.

8/9: Drive to Adelaide.


EXT 24 November-1 December South-east Tasmania

Leader:  Neil Douglas

This outing will spend most time on the Tasman Peninsula but we will also do at least one walk in the Hobart area.

Highest priority will be to do the newly rebuilt track to Cape Raoul. Second priority will be a long circular daywalk taking in the first part of the old Cape Pillar track, then the last part of the Three Capes Track via Retakunna Hut, Mount Fortescue and Cape Hauy (optional side trip).

There are various other walks available in the area including Shipstern Bluff and Remarkable Cave to Mt Brown and Crescent Bay.

In Hobart, weather permitting, we will walk to Collins Bonnet on the western side of the Mount Wellington plateau.  There is an easier option walking across the plateau and a harder one climbing up from the western side.  If the weather is unsuitable then lower altitude alternatives will be done.

Expressions of interest now open.




DW – Daywalk           BC – Basecamp           TW – Throughwalk           SOC – Social        S&T – Safety & Training

GTW – Graded Track Walk         ACC – Accommodated weekend           OS – Outings sec. to confirm leader

New or Potential Members and Guests are asked to come along to our monthly meeting and say Hi.     You can then discuss the walk with the Leader and nominate for your preferred walk, or social event.

Existing Members:-  If you are interested in nominating to come along to a walk or social event please contact the relevant Leader, preferably by the Tuesday night prior to the walk or social.  



 Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland inc.  (BOSQ)    GPO Box 1274 Brisbane Qld  4001      Ph. 07 3875 1090