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Walks  Programme



Walk Gradings




S  -  Up to 10 km

1 to 3  - Graded track or open terrain. No scrub

1 to 3  - Easy, suitable for beginners

M  -  Up to 15 km

4 to 7  - Bush. Minor scrub, rainforest,rock,creek,rock-hopping, scrambling.

4 to 7  - Medium, reasonable fitness required.

L  -  Up to 20 km

8 to 9  - Bush.  As above + thick scrub, major rocks, scrambling using hands, technical.

8 to 9  - Hard, strenuous.

Fit walkers only.

X  -  Over 20 km

Activity Type

Daywalk  DW       Basecamp  BC      Throughwalk  TW       Social  SOC      Rogaine  ROG

Safety & Training   S&T       Federation   FED       Federation Mountain Rescue   FMR


Walks Program  July – August  2019


DW Sat 13 JulyCream Track (Tallebudgera – Springbrook)

Grade: M 4 5

Leader: Neil Douglas

Meet: (a) 7am Macgregor  or (b) 8am Tallebudgera

Petrol: $20

Water: about 1½ litres

The Cream Track was a bridle trail constructed early last century as a shortcut to take cream from Upper Springbrook down to the dairies on the South Coast.

After World War II it fell into disuse but in recent years has been resurrected as a walking route partly with involvement of the Gold Coast City Council.

The upper part of the route is in rainforest where remnants of the original trail are still visible in places.

The walk starts from the end of the Tallebudgera Creek Road on a vehicle track that initially follows the creek further upstream. It then begins a long climb partly on vehicle tracks and partly on a marked foot pad until it comes out at the end of the Springbrook road in Warrie National Park.

There are good views in the lower sections and again from the lookouts at the top, where we’ll have lunch. It’s a long ascent (around 700m) but never particularly steep.

Part of the walk is on private property and a permit will be arranged.


SOC  Tue 16 July Dinner

Venue: Caravanserai Turkish Restaurant, 1 Dornoch Tce, West End

Organiser: Neil Douglas

Nominate by 14 July

Meet: Outside 6.45pm

Parking: Easier in Lower Hardgrave Road behind the restaurant (enter from Gray Road) rather than in Dornoch Terrace or the upper part of Hardgrave Road

The Club hasn’t been to this somewhat unusual restaurant for a few years. Entrees $9.50-16.50, meze $26.50, mains $25.50-33.50. 

On Tuesdays there’s a 3-course banquet (min. 4 persons) for $33.50. BYO.


DW Sat 20 July Stinson Wreck Walk

(Christmas Creek to Stinson Wreck South Lamington National Park)

Grade- M 6 6

Leader: Tom B.


(leaving)- Stinson Memorial Park Camping ground (Christmas Creek) (next to Recreational Centre on 2745 Christmas Creek Road) Take the Laravale turnoff on Mt Lindsay Highway onto

Christmas Creek Road. Camping is available but no showers. If you want a bit of luxury than book into the Recreational Centre

Fuel: $20.00

Water: 2.5 litres

Walk Time: 7hrs (NB- bring LED head torch and spare batteries in case of delay)

Elevation 950 m

This walk will test the group’s ability to get back by dark. The first hour is relatively easy following Christmas Creek to the turnoff to the steep spur to the wreck. Scrambling will be required up the spur. There are a few steep sections up to the final 3 metre cliff line.

Rope is in position to assist this last obstacle. Once we pass these cliffs the steepness decreases but it is still a slog up to the Stinson campsite. From the campsite, it is a

short scrambly walk down to the wreck site.

The return is retracing the ascent. This is a “rite of passage” walk and you will feel good after its completion: an appreciation of Bernard O’Reily’s ability to find the survivors;

lunch at the famous Stinson campsite which was used to stabilize the survivors before taking them on the “Stretcher Track”; a visit to the wreck site before it rusts away; pay homage to the two pilots and two passengers whose remains are buried under the memorial stone. It’s a tough and steep walk but with some history attached. Again, this walk runs on a very tight schedule and any delays will put the goal of the trip in jeopardy, so please consider the schedule and grading well. Note Westray’s grave and Point Lookout are not included in this walk.


SOC Fri 26-Sun 28 Jul Christmas in July

ACCOM - Bunya Mountains House

BC - Bunya Mountains – Dandabah Camp Ground

Grade: M 3 3

Leader: Patrick O’Donoghue 

Some sections of gravel road near the mountain.

Petrol: There is no fuel available on the mountain.

If members are towing a van, check with Main Roads/RACQ, as there are some vehicle towing restrictions on access to Bunya Mountains.

 Members should aim to arrive Friday early-mid afternoon.

Saturday walk will be along the escarpment from Mt Kiangarow to Paradise or Dandabah – along the recently renovated section of track.

Sunday walk will be arranged and organised by members on the weekend.

Catering for Saturday Night Christmas in July is still being organised. Roasts and contributions of food or contribution to offset the cost of the meal – more information to participants closer to the event.

Bunya Mountain National Park is one of the gems in the NP estate and is famous for its Bunya Pines.

Clearview, the main house, is fully booked. Some members have booked their own houses already.

Any latecomers/members wishing to come along will need to arrange their own accommodation.

Due to catering requirements, members should rsvp as soon as possible.

Some members are also vanning/camping at Dandabah CampGround.

Looking forward to a great club Christmas get-together. Live long and prosper.


DW Sat 27 July  Gap Creek Falls

Grade: M 4 4

Leader: Heather Buchanan  

Meet: 6:30am

Water: 2 litres min

Petrol: $15

The top of Gap Creek Falls are on the graded track system at Cunninghams Gap, and after visiting these, we leave the track, descending to the base of the falls via a steep ridge.

There’s an amazing amphitheatre of cliffs and a large pool at the base of the falls. However the drought will have affected the amount of water.

From there we head further downstream to another interesting feature, a small gorge. Some clambering over rocks and logs is involved.

For the return journey, we’ll be retracing our steps uphill to the crest carpark. Please nominate by Thursday 25 July. 

EXT 29 July-5 August   Jatbula

We have obtained approval for 5 participants for the above walk. Please register and commit to the walk before 1 June 2019.  First in best dressed.

Travel Brisbane to Darwin 29 July.  Commence walk at Katherine Gorge 31 July.  Six days, five nights. Complete walk at Edith Falls 5 August. 

Travel to Darwin afternoon 5 August. Can take late night flight (same night) about 1am from Darwin to Brisbane, landing about 5am, 6 August or, if overnighting in Darwin, later that day 6 August – or your own arrangements if sightseeing in Darwin.

The walk is one of the best in the country, with excellent camp sites and swimming holes each night.  The only catch is the heat; about 33 deg Celsius average maximum. Total distance about 60km. This time of the year, crisp mornings and warm days.

DW Thur 1 August Brookfield – Mt. Coot-tha – Bardon

Grade: M 4 4

Leader: Neil Douglas

Meet: South Brisbane

Petrol: bring your Go Card!!

Water: 1 litre (water points on way)

When nominating please say where you’ll join the bus

This walk will be along the lines of the bus-based midweek one we did last year, but it will end at Bardon instead of the Mt Coot-tha lookout.

We’ll catch the 9.28am Brookfield 435 bus to its turnaround at Brookfield Village retirement home. (Note: If the Cultural Centre bus stop doesn’t suit, you can get on at the Myer Centre at 9.27 or at one of several stops further out – refer to Translink timetable.)

From there it’s a 1.5km walk along Gold Creek Road to Jones Road, but there’s little traffic at that time of day.

At Jones Road we access the Gold Creek and Mt Coot-tha walking track systems through the bush, following the Goanna Trail over a low range to the Gap Creek Reserve.

From there there’s a choice – either the Bellbird Trail and Kokoda Track or the less steep Cockatoo Trail and Jacksonia Track. Both climb to the top of Mt Coot-tha near Channel 9.

From there we’ll use the walking tracks to descend to Simpsons Falls and then on to the Bardon 375 bus terminus.

There are various options for a café stop at Bardon for those interested, or back in the city 375 buses run about every 15 minutes.


DW Saturday 3 August  Neglected Mountain

Grade: M 6 6

Leader: Tom Bor.

Stinson Park Christmas Creek

Distance: 14km

Water: 2litres

Petrol: $20.00 from Sunnybank, $ 10.00 from Beaudesert.

We will leave the cars at Stinson Park and proceed on Gap Creek Rd. for 300metres to a private farm where we will utilize a road through the farm and head straight up the face of

Neglected Mountain. This is a very steep scramble and has been used in the past by theBroncos for their preseason drills. Once we reach the southern summit at 789metres we

will have a break and admire the spectacular views of the northern peak of Neglected Mountain (740m), and the distant Mt Maroon, Mt May, Mt Lindsay, and Mt Barney.Details tba by email.


DW Sun 11 August  Mt Maroon Hidden Lake

Grade M 4 4

Leader :   Neil Gray      

Meet Neil’s place @  Coochin

Late meet for an easy day out.  Starting at Cotswold Road carpark for the start of Mt Maroon.  This walk explores the terrain on the eastern side of the mountain using the national park fire trail (mostly).  Start is via the Mt Maroon track then peeling off east to go around a small block of private property.  (This is a bit rough).  Following the official easement of Forest Home Road to the firebreak and then around the eastern fall.  Up to hidden lake (Not at the moment due to drought), and then maybe along to Barney Creek if the party is feeling energetic.  Return the same way.  Interesting forests and geology for those with an eye for detail otherwise it is just a nice day out.

The walk will not go ahead if the firebreak is in use for official purposes (fire control). 

Tuesday 12 August 2019 CLUB MEETING,

Little Kings Hall, Carl & O'Keefe Sts Buranda @ 7:30PM


DW EKKA Show Day Wed 14 August  Bally Mountain

Grade: S 6 5

Leader: Neil D 

Petrol: $18

Water: about 1½ litres

Bally Mountain is only 490m high but is very interesting – there are several good viewpoints offering views of features such as the Cougals, part of Springbrook, Mt Warning and the Gold Coast, a razorback and even a short natural tunnel!

This walk has been done in each of the last two years but we will descend on a different route this time.

There are several approaches to the mountain but we will start and finish at the end of Bonogin Road on the northern side, going first to Little Bally and then across the saddle to Bally Mountain.

The ascent starts on a very old farm road and we will pass a ruined farmhouse near the summit. The traverse across to the main peak is partly on a fairly wide razorback with some short, mild scrambling and some exposure.

For the descent we’ll continue west from the summit and down a short cliff break. There will be a safety rope for people who don’t feel confident descending this. Once at the base there’s a well used foot pad back down to Bonogin Creek.

Lunch will probably be beside pools at the base of the mountain. If people are interested we’ll explore further upstream to a kind of wilderness ranch which was bought up by the City Council to add to the conservation reserve. This was closed to the public for feral animal control when I did a recce in the area last year.

A bit back along Bonogin Road there’s a small country café where we’ll have refreshments if it’s open on a Wednesday, otherwise at Mudgeeraba.

This outing is for experienced walkers only. If there is any rain around it will be modified or postponed because of potentially slippery conditions.


DW Sat 24 August  Mt Barney

Grade: L 8 8

Leader: Euey Mangan

Meet: 5am

OR 6.30am. 

Distance: 15km

Water: 3 litres

Barney is one of the highest peaks in SEQ and probably the toughest day walk the club does. We'll ascend via South East Ridge, which has scrambling up rock slabs and hand holds as it becomes steeper near the top.

I always carry a rope for difficult spots. The views are magnificent from the summit and the sense of accomplishment is incredible, but if you have a problem with heights, this walk isn't for you.

You must be fit and I suggest having lots of water or maybe even Gatorade before we leave the car park. Also water at the car for your return.

Plenty of food and snacks, as this is a long day, as well as warm clothing and a headlamp in case of a late return. Also gaiters or long pants (not jeans) because of the scunge on the descent via Peasants Ridge.   


A note about Walk Gradings

On occasions participants may question the gradings applied to club walks as advertised in Footnotes. Gradings are determined by the walk leader, based on a combination of prior knowledge of the walk, references to walk guides and websites, and ideally an on-site recce shortly before the editorial deadline for Footnotes.

The latter is not always possible so sometimes the grading published in Footnotes may not reflect actual conditions, for example recent weather impacts.

Particular features such as steep slopes, loose or slippery rock can also raise the grading for the walk, or if they are only a small portion of the whole the leader may elect to apply an overall lower grading in which case such features should be highlighted in the walk description.

Participants therefore should make allowance for the subjective nature of gradings supplied by our volunteer leaders in good faith.

If there are any concerns, please speak to the leader on nomination. 

A note about Petrol Money

The club encourages car pooling from the walk meeting point whenever possible, and the procedure is for passengers to make a contribution for fuel to their driver based on the distance travelled.

Each passenger contributes the same amount as advised in Footnotes, irrespective of the number of passengers in a vehicle.

For extended trips longer than a few days, the leader may advise different arrangements depending on destination or other circumstances.

It should be noted that other running costs such as wear and tear and potential for insurance excess payments in the event of damage are born by drivers who volunteer their vehicles for club events.

The procedure is covered in the BOSQ BY-Laws:

4.5 Petrol Money. Passengers in cars used in car pooling for BOSQ activities should contribute to the driver the amount advertised in the walk preview.

The Outings Secretary will from time to time determine the formula (in cents per kilometre driven) to be used for calculating passenger contribution amounts, based on the average cost of unleaded petrol in Brisbane. 



DW – Daywalk           BC – Basecamp           TW – Throughwalk           SOC – Social        S&T – Safety & Training

GTW – Graded Track Walk         ACC – Accommodated weekend           OS – Outings sec. to confirm leader

New or Potential Members and Guests are asked to come along to our monthly meeting and say Hi.     You can then discuss the walk with the Leader and nominate for your preferred walk, or social event.

Existing Members:-  If you are interested in nominating to come along to a walk or social event please contact the relevant Leader, preferably by the Tuesday night prior to the walk or social.  



 Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland inc.  (BOSQ)    GPO Box 1274 Brisbane Qld  4001      Ph. 07 3349 1949