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What gear do I need to take on a walk or camp

Each walker should be relatively self-sufficient, without relying unduly on others in the party.

Day walks

Some of the following additional items could also be considered for Day Walks.

 Walking Pole, First Aid kit, torch, whistle, pen and paper, matches or lighter, map and compass in a waterproof map case or clear plastic bag, GPS or Mobile, Ultra-light emergency-Space Blanket, Spare bootlaces.

Some ideas for a First Aid Kit.

Handkerchief, Small sharp knife, Paracetamol, Bandaids, Crepe bandage, Blister pads (e.g. Dr Scholl or Spenco brands)

First Aid leaflet or booklet that gives a quick guide for handling injuries or emergencies, Disposable latex gloves, Mini resuscitation shield, Tweezers.

Additional gear for "Base Camps".

 For a "Through Walk" in SE Queensland, the following items should be added: 

Tent, groundsheet and sleeping mat if camping, sleeping bag and sheet bag, Pillow (or use makeshift material)

Stove and fuel, Cooking and eating utensils, Tea towel

An extended supply of food (about 700g per person per day)

Water disinfection tablets or filter, Rubbish bag, Towel, Toiletries, Pegless clothes line

A change of clothes, Footwear for when walking boots are removed, Ultra-light emergency (space) blanket

Hexamine tablets or rubber bands for emergency fire lighting, Perhaps an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

All rubbish, food scraps, containers and packaging should always be carried out with you and taken home or to a council provided disposal bin.

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