Walks  Programme



Walk Gradings




S  -  Up to 10 km

1 to 3  - Graded track or open terrain. No scrub

1 to 3  - Easy, suitable for beginners

M  -  Up to 15 km

4 to 7  - Bush. Minor scrub, rainforest,rock,creek,rock-hopping, scrambling.

4 to 7  - Medium, reasonable fitness required.

L  -  Up to 20 km

8 to 9  - Bush.  As above + thick scrub, major rocks, scrambling using hands, technical.

8 to 9  - Hard, strenuous.

Fit walkers only.

X  -  Over 20 km

Activity Type

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Safety & Training   S&T       Federation   FED       Federation Mountain Rescue   FMR

COVID 19 Requirements: It is very important to abide by the COVID 19 Requirements which means you should not take part in the walks on this day if you are showing any of the symptoms of COVID 19.  This includes fever, a cough, tiredness, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache and other symptoms which can be found on the Qld Govt site: 

Walks Program  July - August  2020  


DW Thurs 16 July  Chermside Hills

Grade:   M 4 4

Leader: John Marshall 

Distance:  12 km

Water:  1 litre

This will be a long circuit taking in bushland, parkland, paved bikeways and footpaths, viewpoints and a shopping centre for an optional lunchtime coffee. From Downfall Ck Bushland Centre we go through Raven St Reserve, the Green Bridge, Milne Hill, Downfall Ck Bikeway, Aspley Hypermarket, Cabbage Tree Ck, Tindaliae Track, Spider Hill Lookout, Fern Ck, Walpole St, Raven St. Reserve and back to start. Moderate fitness required due to the distance and some sections are steep and rough gravel surface. 

½DW Thursday 23 July  Venman Bushland and Kimberley Forest Park

Grade: M33

Distance: 12 km

Leader: Mal Dorricott 

Water: 2 Litres

From the day use area we will walk along Tingalpa Creek and then along the Venman Circuit Trail to the Neville Lawrie Reserve. We will follow the Buhot Creek Circuit to the old quarry lookout for morning tea. From here, we will continue along the Buhot Creek Circuit until we turn off to the Nirvana Trail, which winds through Kimberley Forest Park and returns us to Venman Bushland for lunch. Bring a snack for morning tea and lunch for after the walk. 

DW Sat 25 July  Red Rock

Grade: S 4 5

Leader:  Neil Douglas   

Water: 1½ - 2 litres

Gaiters or long trousers highly recommended

Red Rock is a spectacular rock shelf on the side of Mt. Philp in the Glen Rock area south of Gatton.  Until fairly recently it was on private property and therefore not open to the public. It is now in the state forest. There have been no previous club trips there and it has been visited by very few members. It has a large flat area with a sheer cliff on the eastern side and spectacular views of the ranges round about.

We will follow an old farm road, now a fire trail, to the crest of the ridge that joins Mt. Philp to Glen Rock. From there we follow the ridge crest towards Mt. Philp, ascend through a rocky area and then sidle around to the saddle that joins Red Rock to the main ridge. It’s then a short walk up to the Rock itself.  Return is the same way. Total distance about 9.5 km.

On the recce in May, the fire trail was heavily overgrown, but hopefully by the Club walk, the grass may have thinned out or if we are very lucky, the trail might have been slashed for the fire season. 

Otherwise, the walk is easier than climbing Glen Rock (not as steep and only minor scrambling.)

(Road directions: take the old highway (route 80) west from central Gatton and after about 2 km turn onto the Mt. Sylvia Road.  Follow it through Tent Hill and Mt. Sylvia to Junction View then turn left onto East Haldon Road.  Follow this to the day use area at the end of the public road 140 km from the Brisbane CBD – the last 7 km are gravel.) 

1/2 DW Thurs 30 July   Flinders Peak foothills

 Grade: S 4 4

Leader:  Heather Buchanan

Water: 2L

We’ll be following the Skyline Ridge Track to the east and north of Flinders Peak. Some folk will be familiar with this circuit but I’m throwing in some extras to make it more interesting and a bit longer. In the early part of the walk, we’ll be ascending two separate hills close to the road and some off-track walking is involved here. Mt Blaine isn’t one of them! There are great views from the rocky summits on each of them. The road has its ups and downs and is steep in places and passes through mostly eucalypt forest, but there is one section of unusual dry rainforest. Bring morning snacks and lunch, as we may have lunch out on the track. Depending on our timing though, we could have a late lunch back at the picnic area. The walk will take around 4 hours. 

DW Sat 1 August  Lower Portals and Barney Creek Ridges

Grade: M 4 5

Leader: Heather Buchanan

Water: 2L

Map: Mt Lindesay

Any walk near the base of Mt Barney, one is guaranteed to get impressive views and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed on this one. Initially we follow the popular and well-worn track in to Lower Portals then head up on to the ridges where the ‘specky’ views of the Barney massif unfold. Our destination is a knoll on a prominent rocky ridge above a big bend in Barney Creek. Barney Waterfall on the opposite side of the creek can clearly be seen, but will probably be dry. We may have time to visit the beautiful pool at Lower Portals on the way in. Some minor rock scrambling is involved along the ridge crests after we leave LP, and there are 2 creek crossings. Our return journey will be retracing our steps back to the carpark. Please nominate by Thursday 30 July.   

½DW Thurs 6 August  Springfield Central

Grade: S 33                                                                          

Distance: 10 km

Leader: Mal Doricott

Water: 1 Litre

From Grande Park we will walk up Wild Iris Terrace and then follow the Frill Necked Lizard Circuit to the Ironbark Track, which takes us up to Spring Mountain reservoir for some excellent views. We will return via some bush tracks and a bit of suburbia. We will have morning tea along the trail and lunch back at Grande Park after the walk. 

DW Sat 8 August  Kangaroo Mountain

Grade: M 5 5

Leader:  Will Taylor

Number limit: 15

No car-pooling

Water: about 2 litres

Gaiters or long trousers (that are resistant to cobblers’ pegs) are highly recommended

Neil D led a walk to Kangaroo Mountain on 23 May 2020 and there were about 18 people who wanted to go on the walk.  However, due to the CoVID-19, there was a limit of 10 who could do it on that day. As such, I have decided to lead this walk about two months later to satisfy the remaining demand.

Prior to Neil’s walk, it had been several decades since the Club visited the mountain, and never by the route that he took.

From Aratula, we’ll drive a short distance on the Tarome road to a fire trail entrance. We’ll follow the fire trail into the national park and climb into the foothills of the range. At a certain point, we’ll leave the trail and head overland through a couple of gullies. At the second gully, we may be able to pick up a very old logging road and will follow it to a knoll.  From here, there’s a steep climb up a grassy slope to the crest of the range. At the crest, we turn right and head uphill on cattle pads or farm tracks leading to a rocky buttress on the range.  There are good views of Mt. Castle and the Ramparts from here.

The top of the mountain, which is a small plateau, is a little further on. Lunch will be on the eastern edge of the escarpment with views of the Scenic Rim and also Grass Tree Knob and Beau Brummell.  Return is the same way.

When I did the walk with Neil on 23 May 2020 – I took a photograph, which is one of the best I have ever taken during my two years with BOSQ.  The twin peaks of Mt Moon stand spectacularly in in the middle of the shot and there are seven or eight other peaks that are prominently displayed in the background behind it. 

Club meetings to resume!

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Meeting at 7.30pm Little Kings Hall, cnr O'Keefe & Carl Streets, Buranda.

Note: Social distancing, hand hygiene and environmental cleaning will be adhered to: 


DW Thurs 13 August  Toohey Forest Walk

Grade:  M 4 4

Leader: Ed Quinn

Distance:  13km

Water: 1.5 to 2 litresthen proceed cross-country to the Sandstone Lookout. From there we go down a steep footpad to meet the Nathan Ridge Track and head East on the Wilcox and Pultenaea tracks before heading West again on the Mimosa, Planchoniana, and Toohey Ridge tracks. On our way to the lunch break at the Toohey Picnic Area, we leave the Toohey Ridge Track to go cross-country via the Sandstone Track to the lunch break.

After lunch, we cross Toohey Rd and proceed down Mayfield Rd and on to the Fimbriata and Main Ridge tracks to Pegg’s lookout and return to the Toohey Picnic Area via Fernvale and Toohey Mountain tracks.  From here, it is just a short stroll back to the Grass Tree Track via the Toohey Ridge Track.

Good conveniences at the Toohey Picnic Area. Quite a few steps in some sections. In some of the cross-country sections, the footpads are rutted and steep; otherwise the main tracks are either paved or well graded.

LWE TW Fri-Sun 14/16 August  Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk – northern loop

Grade: M 3 5

Leader:  Neil Douglas

Water: 1½ - 2 litres for each day (water available at campsites)

Fees: $6.75 per night (payable to the leader)

Since the Queen’s Birthday holiday was moved to October, there have been no winter long weekends in Queensland. However, just for this year, with the cancellation of the Royal Show, we have one in August. This through-walk takes advantage of the opportunity to do a 3-day loop walk at the northern end of the Great Walk. It’s suitable for reasonably fit beginners at through-walking (who have or can get the gear) as it’s all on semi-graded track and there are campsites with basic facilities (toilets, water [treat] and tables). There’s a variety of scenery mostly in eucalypt forest with some rainforest.

Day 1: To avoid retracing steps on the last day, initially we follow Delicia Road then enter the Great Walk and follow it to Thilba Thalba campsite (about 14 km).

Day 2: Thilba Thalba to Ubajee campsite (13.5 km) with a short side trip to Gheerulla Falls.

Day 3: Ubajee to Leafy Lane exit and follow Mapleton Forest Drive into Mapleton (about 8 km).

 For security, cars will be left in the built up area of Mapleton rather than at a track head. Day-walkers would be welcome to walk with the group at the start or walk in from Leafy Lane entrance on the last morning. 

D/W Sat 22 Aug  Mt Joyce

Grade: M 4 4

Leader: Heather Buchanan

Water: 2L

Mt Joyce is the highest point in the hills beside Wyaralong Dam near Beaudesert. Road access is from the Boonah/Beaudesert road. Most of the walk is along roads except for the off track ascent and descent of Mt Joyce. On the ascent ridge of Mt Joyce there are patches of weeds/seeds and cobblers pegs. I’d suggest non-seed attracting clothing if possible. The descent route is a long but well-worn footpad down to the road and weed free. Great views from the summit across to all the mountains beyond Boonah and views towards Flinders Peak on the way up. For the latter part of the walk, we’ll be following dirt roads for several kms back to the cars. Please nominate by Thursday 20 August.


Advanced Notice


WE TW Sat-Sun 19/20 September  Scenic Rim Trail (Sylvester’s Lookout – Cunningham’s Gap)

Leader:  Neil Douglas

The new Scenic Rim Trail from Laidley Gap to Cunninghams Gap is now open to the public. It’s a private track developed by Gainsdale P/L (Spicers Resorts) mainly for expensive guided walks staying in lodges, but the public can also use it staying in basic campsites along the way. Overall, it’s a 4 day walk but this Club throughwalk will do only the southern half, camping for one night at Banshee Creek. From Sylvester’s Lookout, we head mainly through rainforest eventually to join the graded track system at Bare Rock.

The walk can only go ahead if the through-walkers are dropped off at Sylvester’s on the Saturday morning and picked up at Cunningham’s Gap on the Sunday afternoon. Therefore, we need someone to lead a weekend basecamp at Goomburra, or failing that, someone to lead a day trip to Goomburra / Sylvester’s on the 19th and someone else to lead a day-walk at Cunningham’s Gap on the 20th.  Through-walkers would contribute to petrol costs.

There’s a variety of track walks available in the Goomburra area, and on the Saturday it would be possible for day-walkers to walk with the through-walkers for a while on the new track and then turn back to Sylvester’s Lookout.

If you could assist with leading a basecamp or one of the day-walks, or even just with providing transport, please contact John Marshall or Neil Douglas ASAP.



DW – Daywalk           BC – Basecamp           TW – Throughwalk           SOC – Social        S&T – Safety & Training

GTW – Graded Track Walk         ACC – Accommodated weekend           OS – Outings sec. to confirm leader

New or Potential Members and Guests are asked to come along to our monthly meeting and say Hi.     You can then discuss the walk with the Leader and nominate for your preferred walk, or social event.

Existing Members:-  If you are interested in nominating to come along to a walk or social event please contact the relevant Leader, preferably by the Tuesday night prior to the walk or social.